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Pragointer-Ocel s.r.o. was established in 1991, originally under the name of Pragointer s.r.o.  From its inception it has focused primarily on the sale and distribution of special metallurgical products, particularly hot and cold-rolled flat materials featuring stainless steel and special carbon compositions.  Over the 20 years of its existence, the company has built up a strong position on the Czech market based upon active marketing, precision handling of orders, and above all the high quality of deliveries, which are of course quality certified


Pragointer-Ocel s.r.o. is a supplier of its own special metallurgical products, and is also the exclusive representative in the Czech Republic and certain neighboring markets of several top-notch metallurgical manufacturers.


In terms of delivery volume and value, the INDUSTEEL metallurgical group is the most important partner for Pragointer-Ocel s.r.o.  INDUSTEEL was established through the merger of two traditionally renowned metallurgical producers - Fabrique de Fer (Belgium) and Creusot-Loire Industrie (France) in 1998.  In 2006, INDUSTEEL was fully integrated into ArcelorMittal Group, the largest steel group in the world.  The INDUSTEEL is now comprised of three steel mills with long traditions and immense experience – INDUSTEEL Belgium (formerly Fabrique de Fer, established in 1863), INDUSTEEL Creusot (est. 1836) and INDUSTEEL Loire (est. 1865) employing roughly 2,200 workers with a total production of  approx. 300,000 tons.
INDUSTEEL primarily produces hot-rolled steel sheets, specializing in the most demanding dimensional specifications (sheets up to 4,200 mm wide and 80 ton unit weight!) and compositional requirements (all types of stainless steel, special carbon steels).  Sheets are intended e.g. for pressure vessels, tanks and cisterns, and systems with the highest demands for anti-corrosion, heat resistant, or low temperature (cryogenic) materials etc.  For more information see

Our company represents INDUSTEEL in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, and Hungary.  Our major clients include Chart Ferox, Vítkovice Power Engineering, ZVU Potez, Škoda Jaderné Strojírenství (Nuclear Engineering), and Excon Steel.


This company with more than one hundred years of tradition manufactures steel heads and large moldings.  It currently employs 120 workers and produces approx. 25,000 tons of these products annually.   The company is a leading global manufacturer of all types of heads (dished, elliptical, hemispherical, flat…) with a special focus on more demanding large dimension heads in a full range of carbon and stainless steels, with production capacity capable of filling orders for both hot and cold formed heads up to diameters of 10 meters and wall thicknesses of up to 250 mm.  For more detailed information see Thanks in part to our many years of representation, CEREC is well established in the CR with major clientele in chemical and petrochemical engineering, manufacturing of tanks, pressure vessels, and automotive or railway cisterns (e.g. ZVU Potez, Excon Steel, Vítkovice Power Engineering, Škoda Jaderné strojírenství, VPS Rosice etc.). In addition to the CR, we also represent the company in Slovakia, Poland, Hungary and Romania.

3. ABS

ABS (Acciai Bertoli Safau) is a leading Italian manufacturer of bars which our company has represented in the Czech and Slovak Republics since 2008.  ABS employs roughly 1,100 people and annually produces more than 1,000,000 tons of rolled, peeled and forged bars using carbon, low allow, high-alloy, quick cut, micro-alloy, bearing or spring steel (rolled steel in diameters of 30 – 405 mm, peeled up to 300 mm, forged up to 800 mm). Annual sales are around 1 billion EUR (2008 = 997 mil. EUR), the company has about 500 regular customers, and roughly 50% of production is exported. ABS has its own steel mill (two electric arc furnaces).  For more information  The main customers in the Czech and Slovak Republics are forges, which demand high purity steel and high quality products – for example we supply the Škoda Auto forge in Ml.Boleslav, Mokov in Jihlava and HKS in Trnava, Slovakia.


An Italian manufacturer of cold-drawn solid steel profiles, FIAV specialized in custom orders using customer specifications and design documentation (for detailed information see With a tradition dating back one hundred years, over the course of its existence this company has produced roughly 20,000 different types of profiles from all types of steel.

FIAV is part of the Calvi concern, the largest global producer of all types of steel profiles (including heat-rolled and heat-extruded in addition to cold-drawn), which has several major production plants in Italy, France and Germany.  The main client sectors in the CR are, as elsewhere, the power industry (turbine blades and spaces – e.g. Siemens Brno, Ekol Brno), production of hand guns (ČZ Uh. Brod), and general mechanics (Hestego Vyškov), although profiles may also be applied in the most diverse consumer sectors such as textile production, the machining and paper industries, electro mechanics or architecture.  The great advantage of cold-drawn profiles is their ability to be produced in small batches and delivered with various surface treatments, including a mirror finish.
In addition to the Czech and Slovak Republics, we also represent FIAV in Slovakia, Poland and Hungary.


Italian company G.Baglietto was founded at the end of the 19th century and for the entire duration of its existence has been a wholesaler and service center specializing exclusively in all maritime quality steel profiles and sheets.  Over an area of 160,000 m2 it stores and always has at its disposition roughly 40,000 tons of metallurgical materials of all types, quality and dimensions for shipbuilding, enabling it to make comprehensive deliveries on demand, including estimates (surface treatments such as blasting and priming, shaping, bending or plasma cutting of sheets and profile according to customer specifications, etc.)

The G.Baglietto certification laboratories are accredited with all major ship registries (RINA, LRS, BV, ABS, DNV, GL, RMRSA, and CRS). More information is available at In the CR it is a longtime supplier to České loděnice Děčín (Czech Shipyards, now Nova České loděnice).      

Aside from the assortment of the companies listed above,  Pragointer-Ocel s.r.o. also sells its own products, specializing primarily in stainless steel rolled material (sheets, coils, strips), both as direct orders for the production plant or as deliveries from our warehouse or service centers.  Another important product line for us is stainless steel and galvanized this drawn wire and certain products made of these (metal fabric), where we take advantage of our 15-year experience in importing these products from China and India.
For more information about our line of products, see the “Assortment” section.

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